Lytham in Bloom

Growing Together since 1998

About us 

Lytham in Bloom Trust was formed in 1998 by a small group of interested local residents who wanted to help make Lytham a better place in which to live.


Over the years it has become a respected advocate for the town of Lytham working alongside Fylde Borough Council, generating revenue through local fundraising, sponsorship, donations and grants. These funds are used to undertake projects, purchase plants, trees, benches and support other local initiatives

Our community projects are designed to be accessible, fun and community-focused. Lytham in Bloom welcomes anyone with green fingers who would like to get involved! Get in touch with us here.

Our Aims and Objectives


Lytham in Bloom has a reputation of horticultural excellence and a breadth of expertise from both our members and the wider community. Our projects aim to showcase horticulture in innovative and creative ways.


We have been Growing together since 1998. Our work with community groups and schools makes sure that our projects are accessible and involve a wide range of the community. We have projects and events for all ages, and we truly are focussed on making Lytham a better place in which to live.


Lytham in Bloom strives to protect, enhance and develop ecosystems for local wildlife, such as our work at Lytham Railway Station that saw the installation of bug-boxes that we created with local schoolchildren.


Our Special Projects


Floral Windmill

Located in the heart of Lytham Square, the Floral Windmill is a unique project crafted by Lytham in Bloom.


The Floral Windmill is a monument to the iconic Lytham Windmill that has adorned the seafront for generations and features in our logo.



Introduced in 2017, the Green Man has become a local favourite of Lytham, thanks to both his excellent design and horticultural achievements. 

The Green Man has provided company to many local residents and tourists alike, featuring in countless holiday snaps!


in touch

We always welcome kind words, suggestions and enthusiastic volunteers. Please use the contact form for all queries.


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