Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Lytham in Blooms “Herbs” present retiring chairman Carol with a Victoria sponge cake.

As Carols term as chairman of Lytham in Bloom slowly winds down, one more of her activities comes to an end. As well as fulfilling her role as Chairman, Carol is never happier than when she is planting and tending to flowers. She is a proud member of Lytham in Blooms “Herbs” a name lovingly bestowed on the group of volunteers who amongst other things, regularly tend to the herbaceous border in Lowther Gardens.

“The herbaceous border never fails to put on a wonderful display year after year” said Carol. It is an excellent example of sustainable gardening which is also most beneficial for wildlife. Over the summer we have come across frogs, butterflies and all manner of insects, not to mention the robins, wrens, blackbirds and dunnocks which love the place. We have installed bug towers amongst the plants, which along with the bird and bat boxes recently placed elsewhere in the park go a long way towards achieving our aim of gardening for nature.”

All this of course does not come without a great deal of hard work and planning. Trevor Mackey organises the “Herbs” who have a year round programme of planting, weeding, mulching and feeding, deadheading and cutting back and splitting in the late autumn.

During the “Herbs” coffee break , Trevor organised the cake which was baked for Carol by Lowther Café in acknowledgement of all her work in Lowther Gardens over the past 20 years. It was a bit of fun even though the sentiments could not have been more sincere. Just in case you were wondering, yes, Carol did share the cake with other members of the “Herbs.”

Susan Evans will take over the role of acting Chairman at Lytham in Bloom once Carol ties up all the loose ends and moves on. Carol is leaving the area to be closer to her daughter Emilie and Grandson Blake on the Isle of Wight. She will leave a huge void.

Carol goes with our very best wishes and heartfelt thanks for a job very well done. She has been a true rock at Lytham in Bloom.



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