Lytham in Bloom swoop in to help Park View 4U solve local wildlife mysteries

Julie Norman, Ranger at Park View 4Uloves wildlife. Her passion for bees is well known and to celebrate the fact, Park View now hold the Guinness Book of Records for the highest number of knitted bees to be collected in one place. “1,254 bees were collected, some coming from as far afield as Australia” said Julie. Once they have been displayed in Lytham, they will buzz off to Leeds and other places where bee friendly flowers have been planted, before hopefully coming to rest at Kew Gardens.”

“According to Spring Watch, we are one of the few places in the country to have installed a camera in a bee hive” stated Julie.” When I expressed an interest in this project, Lytham in Bloom stepped in and financed the purchase. The camera has allowed children to see the private life of bees inside a hive for the first time. They can watch the worker bees retuning with pollen, see honey combs being made, witness the Queen bee laying her eggs, watch the grubs hatch and then be fed with pollen. All honey is left in the hives for the bees” added Julie.

“I also have a great enthusiasm for Bats” Julie continued. “We have recorded them along Green Drive, QE11 Park View Playing Fields and in Park View itself. What we could not do was identify each individual species. However, when I heard from Spring Watch that a new app was available which would allow us to do just that, I once again contacted Lytham in Bloom and told them of my interest. I knew that Lytham in Bloom had erected bat boxes in Sparrow Park and Lowther Gardens, so when I told them about the Echo Meter Touch 2 app, they readily agreed to offer me the money.

Now when I take the children out on a bat walk, not only can we listen to bats searching for insects, but can now identify each separate species. We know we have Pipistrelle and Noctule bats and look forward to the day we can identify other species in our locality. Bats use echo location when they search for insects to eat and each species uses a different wavelength. This is how they can be identified.

“I would like to thank Lytham in Bloom for their encouragement and support. Because of their generosity, we can now help children solve some of the wild life mysteries which they encounter in their own local community. I know that Lytham in Bloom actively support Lytham Scouts as well as several Lytham schools and we are all very grateful. They do so much more for Lytham than just planting beautiful hanging baskets.”  


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