Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Out with the old and in with the new.

At the end of what was for many people the best summer in living memory, autumn inevitably follows. Summer blooms lovingly nurtured and watered through the months of drought are finally exhausted.

Planters in Lytham square are steadily being emptied. The Floral Windmill sponsored by Windmill Homes is scheduled demolition late October. Herbert sponsored by Inenco will soon retire for the summer. Lytham memorial gardens are due for a change from summer to winter planting in time for Remembrance Day in November. Hanging baskets and tubs will follow a similar pattern as the leaves fall all around us signalling the end of a wonderful summer.

However as surely as one season follows another, plans are already afoot for winter bedding and spring bulbs to take their place. Lytham in Blooms Margaret Ashton says “We will be replacing some of the compost, adding slow release fertiliser and then filling the planters with winter bedding which will be under planted with spring bulbs. The bed round “Old Tom” will also be planted with bulbs and we have also ordered hundreds of tete a tete daffodils which we will plant on Lytham Green at the sides of the path opposite Lowther Gardens.”

Lytham in Blooms Monday evening tidy up sessions will also cease at the end of October when the clocks go forward. It will then be too dark.

“Many people say to me that you will have nothing to do now” said Acting Chairman Susan Evans. “In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. It is through the winter months that we make our plans for the following year, balancing our activities to our volunteer time and our budget. We also have to order in advance all the plants, bulbs and compost and schedule deliveries. Tubs and baskets have to be stored and maintenance undertaken. It never stops.

We still await the results of both Britain in Bloom which we will get to know on October 19th and then North West in Bloom which follows on November 2nd. It has been a fabulous summer and we have thoroughly enjoyed doing our bit for Lytham. I have never seen it busier.

As ever, I would like to thank all our volunteers, friends and supporters for their help and dedication. We could not do it without them. “


Volunteers from Inenco joined forces with LIB volunteers to clear the triangle at Green Drive


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